Otology & Ear Surgery Conditions

The ear is a very sophisticated and complex system of parts, all of which have roles that depend on each other to run smoothly. Together, the inner ear, middle ear and outer ear are in charge of hearing and balance. Infections, diseases and cancers can threaten the auditory system’s ability to do its job effectively.

At SNENT, our goal is to mitigate potential problems and their symptoms as soon as possible, while maintaining a conservative approach to healthcare. We are thorough, we are compassionate and we are committed to treating the whole patient.

The majority of our otology patients come to us because of diminished hearing, ringing of the ear, ear pain, compromised balance and nausea. Given that there are several different causes for these major symptoms, we work hand in hand with our patients to pinpoint the issue—and then address it head on with experience and a patient-centric approach.