Balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive, FDA-approved procedure that has proven highly effective in treating chronic sinus problems.

Dizziness is a general term used to describe feeling lightheaded, unsteady or “woozy.” Vertigo–the distorted sense that you or your surroundings are spinning or whirling–is considered a specific form of dizziness.

It often seems that we fall ill or experience injury at night or on the weekend, outside the hours that our physician’s office is open. When that is the case, urgent care is often a quick and easy option for medical care.

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is specialized physical therapy designed to treat dizziness, vertigo and imbalance caused by various vestibular disorders such as BPPV, vestibular neuritis and Meniere’s Disease, among many others.  These types of conditions can cause motion sensitivity, di

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is the most common cause of vertigo. This occurs when calcium crystals in the inner ear, called otoconia, become dislodged from their normal location and float through the inner ear canal.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being an otolaryngologist?

That feeling of internal fulfillment when a patient comes back post-operatively to tell me about how their life has changed for the better now that they know what it’s like to be able to actually breathe.

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Loss of Taste and Smell

There are a number of variables to consider when uncovering what’s caused your loss of taste and smell. Some of those variables include:

Does my child need an ENT?

The parents and caregivers of young children know that kids get sick with numerous ailments any time of the year. So how does one determine when to seek out a pediatric ENT specialist?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives. From wearing face masks to attending more Zoom meetings than we can count, we’re all working to adapt to a new normal. At Sierra Nevada, Ear, Nose & Throat, we’re no exception.