back to school allergies

As the summer ends and we find ourselves in back-to-school days, viruses and bacteria that we have picked up over the summer have a chance to rear their ugly heads in classrooms and offices everywhere.

Warm weather in northern Nevada means it’s time for trips to the lake, long hikes and family BBQs. But what do you do when a runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, congestion and other sinus conditions from seasonal allergies get in the way of the summer fun?

Sierra Nevada ENT & Hearing Aid Center Awards Local High School Graduates

Sean Dunkelman

We are proud to have awarded a $1,500 scholarship to Sean Dunkelman, a local high school student who is attending the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell joined our team on Friday, August 24, to celebrate the groundbreaking of our new office, which will house both Sierra Nevada Ear Nose and Throat and Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center, in early 2019.

Do I need ear tubes

If you are, or have been, the parent of a young child, you’ve likely stood by as they experienced a painful ear infection. And while having one, or a few, during a child’s first five years is normal, having chronic ear infections or infections that won’t clear up is not something to ignore.

medical scholarships

We’d like to introduce you to Wesley Alexander, our other scholarship recipient for 2017.

protect health during fire

The summer of 2017 is turning out to be quite the smoky affair. With a record snowfall last winter — and the resulting vigorous growth of vegetation that serves as fire fuel — northern Nevada and northeastern California have felt like a giant tinder box waiting for a spark.

medical scholarships

Kacey Lopes, who graduated from Carson High School in 2017, was awarded a $1,500 scholarship from SNENT, to help her pursue her career in neuroscience.

Dr. Alex Caten of Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose and Throat

Some doctors know they want to work in medicine from childhood.  Dr. Alex Caten was not one of those kids. While he pursued various interests early in life, medicine piqued his interest after he took an EMT course.