Celebrating 25 Years of Medical Partnership at Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose & Throat

For over 25 years, Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose & Throat has been providing state-of-the-art care to communities across Northern Nevada and the Lake Tahoe basin. The key to the practice’s success is the partnership between Dr. Paul Manoukian and Dr. Brian Romaneschi. 

Dr. Manoukian and Dr. Romaneschi met during their residency programs at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Johns Hopkins Hospital is a world-renowned leader in patient care and their residency program consistently ranks #1 in the United States. 

In 1995, Dr. Manoukian took over the practice of a retiring ENT in South Lake Tahoe; he was joined by Dr. Romaneschi the following year. Together, they quickly expanded Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose & Throat into the Carson Valley and Garnerville area. They have been serving these communities ever since. 

According to Dr. Manoukian and Dr. Romaneschi, a good medical partnership is like a good marriage. It relies on common goals, strong communication and trust. While many things have changed over the past quarter-century, their commitment to providing compassionate and quality care has remained the same. They are proud of their responsiveness to patients, clinical outcomes, caring staff and expert physicians. They work hard to create a positive workplace for their employees, with opportunities to excel and progress. 

As Dr. Manoukian and Dr. Romaneschi look to the future, there are some exciting ventures on the horizon. The Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center is continuing to expand and will be opening an all-new Balance Center in September. It will provide the community with a state-of-the-art physical therapy center for balance disorders and fall prevention. Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose & Throat has also recently added two new physicians – specializing in pediatric ear, nose and throat and obstructive sleep apnea – to the practice. 

Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose & Throat is celebrating its 25 years of business by continuing to provide expert care to the community. Call (775) 883-7666 to make an in-person or telemedicine appointment today.