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Adapting to a New Normal in COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives. From wearing face masks to attending more Zoom meetings than we can count, we’re all working to adapt to a new normal. At Sierra Nevada, Ear, Nose & Throat, we’re no exception.

One of the ways we’ve adapted to COVID-19 is with our new, state-of-the-art MiniCATTM. A MiniCATTM is a Computed Tomography (CT) scanner that is specifically designed to take images of the sinuses and temporal bones. This happens right in a private room, without the need to sit in a busy waiting room.

The Loss of Smell and Taste are Early Indicators of COVID-19

Doctors around the world are shedding new light on the initial symptoms people should watch for as early indicators of COVID-19. 

The loss of smell and taste are being reported as early signs of the virus. According to Dr. Paul Manoukian, a physician at Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose & Throat, people are experiencing these changes in their senses before other symptoms like fatigue, fever, shortness of breath or chest pains. 

Is that Pesky Cold Actually a Sinus Infection?

Achoo! There it is again. The dreaded common cold. Or is it? Colds and sinus infections have many similar symptoms that make it hard to self-diagnose. It’s important to understand the difference between a cold and a sinus infection so you can know when to seek treatment.

The 411 on the common cold

The common cold is a virus. While it will leave you posted up in bed coughing and sneezing, a cold typically gets better on its own in 10 days or less. Common cold symptoms include:

All About Headphones and Hearing Loss

Who could imagine back in 1979 when Sony released the Walkman portable cassette player that the Japanese company would be unleashing a revolution in the way we listen to music? Fast forward 40 years and we’re still addicted to our earbuds. But, at what cost? Today, we’ll take a look at the connection between headphones, earbuds and hearing loss and what you can do to prevent further damage by listening to music at safe levels and with the proper equipment. 

Don’t Let Sinus Infections Give You The Back To School Blues

As the summer ends and we find ourselves in back-to-school days, viruses and bacteria that we have picked up over the summer have a chance to rear their ugly heads in classrooms and offices everywhere. The onset of cold and flu season results in runny noses and sneezing, which help the microorganisms hitch a ride to the next host. While most infections are nothing to worry about, some can result in serious sinus infections.

Local Graduates Earn Healthcare Field Scholarships

Sierra Nevada ENT & Hearing Aid Center Awards Local High School Graduates

CARSON CITY, Nev. (June 19, 2019) – Local high school students, Gabriel Covington and Megan Perry have been awarded the Manoukian and Romaneschi Science Scholarship, a $1,500 scholarship each. The scholarship is awarded annually by doctors at Sierra Nevada Ear, Nose, Throat & Hearing Aid Center to local students for their academic achievement and interest in pursuing higher education in the healthcare field.

Sean Dunkelman Wins Scholarship

We are proud to have awarded a $1,500 scholarship to Sean Dunkelman, a local high school student who is attending the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is interested in pursuing a career in mechanical engineering, with plans to use his technical and entrepreneurial skills to help solve some of the complex problems facing our planet today.

Celebrating the Groundbreaking of Our New Office

Carson City Mayor Bob Crowell joined our team on Friday, August 24, to celebrate the groundbreaking of our new office, which will house both Sierra Nevada Ear Nose and Throat and Sierra Nevada Hearing Aid Center, in early 2019. We were joined by the general contractor, John Anderson; as well as representatives from HMC Architects and the Nevada State Development Corporation (SNDC).


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