Building patients’ confidence motivates this doctor.

You may not think of an ear, nose and throat surgeon first when you think of plastic surgery, but Dr. Brian Romaneschi could change that. This Board Certified Otolaryngologist (fancy title for ENT surgeon) is skilled in both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, as well as general ENT procedures, and derives great pleasure from improving his patient’s quality of life and self-confidence through his work.

“I had a scar that no other plastic surgeon would touch. I was a slave to make-up and really self-conscious. Dr. Romaneschi had no hesitation that he could fix it. Just a couple weeks after his scar revision, it was almost invisible and his work restored my confidence and self-esteem. He is an amazing surgeon.”

  • Rachel F, Reno

As an ENT, Dr. Romaneschi’s extensive education included the complex anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the entire head and neck, preparing him well for a variety of facial procedures. In addition to addressing sinus, tonsil, ear and thyroid conditions, Dr. Romaneschi performs facial reconstruction (from head and neck cancer or cleft palate, for example) and a variety of cosmetic procedures. His areas of expertise include otoplasty (ear position surgery), rhinoplasty (nose surgery), scar revision, eyelid rejuvenation and laser resurfacing.

“He was approachable and I felt comfortable asking questions, as well as expressing my concerns about my nose. He took the time to explain the procedure in detail, which made me confident going into surgery. I feel my nose complements the rest of my features and looks natural from all angles. Overall, the surgery boosted my confidence and I love my new appearance. I would highly recommend Dr. Romaneschi for any ENT surgeries.”

— Cate B., South Lake Tahoe

As a young boy, Dr. Romaneschi’s mother instilled in him the importance of using his life to help others. When he was afflicted with a facial scar at the age of six he learned first-hand how physical appearance can affect emotional health. For more than 20 years, Dr. Romaneschi has been using his surgical expertise and compassionate approach to help patients in Carson City, Lake Tahoe, Fallon and the entire Carson Valley, improve their health, function and self-confidence.

“If I could give more stars I would, Dr. Romaneschi met all of my expectations and then some for my daughter’s medical care. He explained everything in great detail and none of my questions went unanswered. Not only is the doctor wonderful, his staff is as well!”

  • Marie M., Gardnerville, NV


To make an appointment with Dr. Romaneschi, or other members of care team, call 775.883.7666.